The Solar Powered, Energy-Efficient New Moon in Dubai

Dubai may have its financial troubles. But that hasn’t stopped thecountry from plucking the moon out of the sky.
Designed by VarabyeuPartners for an international design competition, the New Moon will bethe center piece of a new landscape park, Zabeel Park, in the City ofDubai. The structure is designed as a crescent, a symbol of energy andpower. The building has five levels with an observatory each. Thesefive levels symbolize the Five Pillars of Islam; faith (Shahadah),prayer (Salat), charity (Zakaat), lent (Sawm) and pilgrimage (Hajj).The outward siding of the structure is made of steel frame withdifferent transparency levels and is decorated with Arab calligraphy.

The transparency levels make it possible to control thebuildings lighting and air temperatures, ensures circulation of air andprotects the insides from direct exposure to the suns rays. This helpscreate a microclimate in the building and reduces the use of the powersupply systems. To further cut energy consumptions, solar panels andbatteries should be installed on the exterior of the building. The NewMoon was built according to LEED Green Building standards. This is yetanother marvel in Dubai; and what makes it cooler? It is environmentfriendly!




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