The Solar Lighthouse Tower in Dubai

The lighthouse tower is set to open in 2012. This amazing piece of architecture is set to be 1,319 feet high and contain 66 floors. The tower will be deemed a “green building” and have great emphasis on conserving energy and reducing its carbon footprint.

The building will also be clad in 4,000 solar panels to generate additional electricity. The tower will reduce its overall energy consumption by 65%, and its water consumption by 40% in comparison to an equivalent building. At the building’s base, a four story glass lobby will house an environmental visitor center. There will also be three large 225 kW wind turbines, on the building’s south facing side in order to generate electricity.

Dynamic Rotating Tower in Dubai

This will be the world’s first pre-fabricated tower that will sit 1,378 feet high and contain 80 floors. Ninety percent of the tower will be built in factories. Each of the floors will have the capability to rotate independently 20ft per minute, and complete a full rotation in 90 minutes. The tower was supposed to be finished in 2011, however due to financial crisis has not been started yet.

The entire tower will be powered from wind turbines and solar panels. Enough surplus electricity should be produced to power five other similar sized buildings in the vicinity. The turbines will be located between each of the rotating floors. Each turbine could generate up to 1,200,000 kilowatt-hours of energy. The solar panels will be located on the roof and the top of each floor.

Post written by: David Zamostny, Solar Energy World Intern

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