The Solar Influenced “Transit System” by Dave Owsen

Designed by Dave Owsen, the “Community Transit” is a new system that aims to replace the conventional bus transport system with moreefficient and private cells.

Inspired by plant cells, thesesolar-powered cells will be able to accommodate a couple with twochildren, offering them better privacy by utilizing a face-to-faceconfiguration.

The cells feature a unique touchscreen interface that lets the userselect or direct route navigation with minimum fuss. Apart from theiruse as a public transportation system, the Community Transit will alsobe able to create incentive for small businesses peer-to-peer shippingthat stimulates local business cooperation.

The new system will include an organic dye, developed by researchers at MIT, in the windows that will be able to create renewableelectricity from solar cells bordering the surface. The CommunityTransit will make use of the two-rail design as it allows moving thecells to bypass other cells. Collectively, the renewable energy-poweredtransport system will allow the streets to be much cleaner and safer.

Via: TheDesignBlog



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