The Solar EV ‘Cristal Station’

cristal station 285x175 The Solar EV Cristal Station

The Cristal Station is the second phase of the CRISTAL project which initially began with the design of the 6-seat Cristal electric vehicle, capable of running individually and also as a convoy operated via aremote operator. Cristal is an innovative concept for introducing urbanareas to a new uninterrupted partially collective or independent form of transportation and the Cristal Station will be a major component ofthis urban public transportation project, providing which will provide a multipurpose area to recharge and park Cristal electric vehicles.

imple – either the user canreserve a parking space by booking one over the phone or can go to thedesignated vehicle that conducts pre-booking of the parking lot atCristal Station. The station itself will be a transition zone oftraffic area (roads) and pedestrian area (pavement). Beautifullylandscaped and aesthetically appealing, Cristal Station will have docksto facilitate easy parking of vehicles, accurately positioned on top ofthe plate induction chargers. Photovoltaic cell umbrellas will covereach parking space which will also be responsible for recharging Cristal vehicles.

The Cristal project is designed and developed by LOHR Industrie incollaboration with INRIA, GEA, VuLog and Transitec, the station will be a great modern parking lot for futuristic electric vehicles!

Via: Behance