The Solar Electric Tesla Roadster Sportscar

tesla5 The Solar Electric Tesla Roadster Sportscar

I recently attended a talk at Tesla Motors about the state of theelectric car industry and the history of Tesla. Wow was I impressed. Driving an electric car fueled entirely by solar power no longer is adream of the future. It’s here today, it’s happening around the country, and I can’t wait to join in! 

First off, the Teslaguys did not talk about driving an electric car as a means to be green. They spoke about it as an issue of national security, and they had thedata to back it up.  When they showed us a map of where the world’spetroleum is (Saudi Arabia & the Middle East) vs where it is used(U.S. & China) their argument became very clear.  Furthermore,according to their slides, about 75% of the petroleum used in the used for transportation, and 2/3 of that, so 50% of the petroleumused in the U.S., is for passenger cars.  Wow.  Now I really can see how electric cars really can help move us away from foreign oil.  

Will a sexy $140kelectric sports car get us off foreign oil?  No, definitely not. However, what Tesla is really building is an electric drive train andelectric vehicle platform that they can use to build electric sedans and SUV’s at a much more affordable price point.  Tesla is also licensingtheir technology to partners like Toyota, who will use it to buildelectric RAV4′s and like.  And that platform could in fact help get usoff of foreign oil.  

But if you’re alsoconcerned about the emissions from a mostly coal powered electrical grid that will be powering these electric cars, then you can go one stepfurther and install a residential solar energy system on your home and charge your car via solar power.  Now that I’ve installed solar panels on several homes and driven an electric car, it is nothard to imagine how we could greatly reduce our dependence on foreignoil and reduce our use of coal-fired power plants via a combination ofelectric cars and solar energy.

You can bet that in a few years when I own a house and when I need to replace my car I’ll belooking very seriously at getting an electric car to go with my futuresolar energy system.  

As always, if youwant to learn more about having a solar energy system installed on yourhome we’d be happy to put you in touch with local solar installers soyou can get a free solar energy quote today.

By David Belden