The Solar Cool from Designer Aija Golubeva

solar cool solar powered cooling machine by aija golubeva 2 Mi2HV 69 The Solar Cool from Designer Aija Golubeva

Designer Aija Golubeva has come up with a concept cooling machinethat is fitted on a modified tricycle frame and uses solar energy tokeep the contents below freezing point. Dubbed Solar Cool, the coolingmachine can be used to cyclists to keep their good chilled, using energy gathered by the photovoltaic panels embedded in the membrane.

The solar panels generate about 35W of renewable electric power. The cart’s cooling unit is removable so that it can be charged from aseparate supply during the night. The designer estimates that the cooler requires about 64W “every few hours” to keep the temperature in the40-liter tank standard.

Via: YankoDesign