The Solar Container that Provides Clean Drinking Water from Specta Watermakers and Trunz Water Systems


solar container solar and wind powered water purifier

Spectra Watermakers and Trunz Water systems have unveiled a new water purification system for disaster-struck areas that can provide up to 8000 gallons of virus-free potable water eachday. Dubbed the Solar Container, the system is powered by renewablesolar and wind energy and can help eliminate the spread of watertransmitted diseases.

Many disaster relief organizations have reported that it is often astruggle to provide victims with enough drinking water. In such a case,the Solar Container can provide relief with a more reliable solution.The filter is equipped with a series of filters and eight reverseosmosis membranes and can also utilize saltwater and effectively removelarge matter, bacteria, viruses, salts and even toxic chemicals.

Via: The Epoch Times



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