The Siemens SST-500 GEO Steam Turbine


Geothermal plants are going to get a new addition to the family of energy assistants. This is because Siemens Energy is releasing a steam turbine that is going to extremely useful to the current state of how these plants are offered powered. This turbine will assist the power range up to 120 megawatts.

A New Addition to Steam Turbines

The SST-500 GEO is being released after the SST-400 GEO turbine, which came out during the season of Autumn 2011. This steam turbine features a single-casing, double-flow condensing turbine. It is taken from the SST-500 and SST-600 families that many people are already familiar with. It combines the well-established casing and auxiliaries of the SST-500 and SST-600 models with the geothermal attributes and steam path technological aspects that have been so brilliant developed by Siemens Energy. This means it can be sent into a geothermal power plant under an impressive wide assortment of potential steam conditions.

The beauty of geothermal energy is that it can work at any time, and it can work under a variety of conditions. Weather and climactic possibilities can do nothing to stop geothermal energy from working, and this makes it one of the most durable renewable energy sources available. Further developments and growth in this field is expected. The SST-500 GEO steam turbine is an excellent example of the constant developments that are occurring in this endlessly fascinating scientific arena.

Each SST-500 GEO steam turbine that is released promises to have the ability to adapt to whatever the surrounding conditions demand of it. The blade path in the standardized casing can be altered to make this steam machine capable of performing optimally in any situation.

Siemens has been an active member of the geothermal community for over 20 years. They have used that time to make incredible strides in the technology that allows geothermal plants to thrive. The SST-500 GEO will be able to function in live steam temperatures that can rise as high as 250 degrees Celsius. It will also be able to endure steam pressures up to 15 bar absolute. There will be high-grade resources for stage-particular turbines, as well as additional features that will allow for moisture to be removed at any potential stage.

When going green it is important to remember the steam.

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