The Rio Solar City Tower for 2016 Olympics

The 2016 Summer Games in Rio hopes to be carbon-zero and are making aserious effort towards achieving it.
Swiss architects, RAFAAArchitecture and Design have come up with a concept design for thesummer games. The Solar City Tower will be a solar power plant by daythat will power up Rio de Janeiro and the Olympic village. At night, itwill use a pumped seawater storage system to generate power. Thebuilding will also be a treat to the eyes with occasional waterfallcreated by pumping water over its edges.

It will also boast a plaza and an amphitheater, 60 metersabove sea level. This can be used for social gatherings and events. The105 meter tall tower will also have a cafeteria and shops on the sidefacing the Atlantic Ocean behind the waterfall. The top-most floor hasan observation deck that lets you glimpse a breathtaking 360 degree view of Rio and the surrounding ocean. And if that’s not enough, you canpump up your adrenaline with the retractable bungee-jumping platform. If all goes as planned, the Solar City Tower is sure to be an attractionat the Summer Games in Rio.





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