The Renewable Energy Run-Around

Circle The Renewable Energy Run Around

I just spoke with the proprietor of a very well-established andwell-diversified energy solutions company in New York, focusing on arange of residential, commercial, and industrial customers. He happenedto have seem my piece on Joe Biden’s speech, and told me: If you wantreal malarkey, you have to come to New York. We take the cake.

When I asked what he meant, he explained.

The paperwork to even begin a solar project is so onerous that virtually no one can put up with it. It’s a pile of documents tobe signed by the customer and the contractor, submitted to NYSERDA (NewYork State Energy Research and Development Authority). Then you wait,and wait.

In three months you get a response that tells you that a piece ismissing. Well, that piece wasn’t required when we submitted “ThePackage” three months ago, but it sure is now. So we submit. And then we wait some more.

I can put a 37-ton air-conditioner on your roof this afternoon. Butif I want to put a 37-pound solar panel on your roof, watch out! It’sthe paperwork I just described, plus a bonus! I need an insurance policy with special wording that could cost thousands of dollars.

The same people who will make a speech claiming all the great workthey’ve done to take us to clean energy are the exact same people making it impossible. Solar contractors are dropping like flies, simplybecause the restrictions are just too tough.

That’s sad, folks.