The Renewable Energy Generating Backpack by Benjamin Beck

Energy Backpack

As the name itself suggests, Scaraby is a bag in which energy can becarried. The project was started by Benjamin Beck with the motive offinding new ways to generate energy and the result was Scaraby. TheScaraby is a renewable energy generator, which uses solar and kineticpower to generate electricity in places where it is hard to find,including hills and mountains. It can be well exploited in expeditionswhere electronics play a major role and the expedition might not becomplete without them. The device protects its carrier against shocksand splashes of water because of its shape, which enables carefreemotion.

On being opened, the bag brings out a photovoltaic film, whichproduces energy through solar power. In case the day is not sunny enough to make use of the photovoltaic film through solar energy, there is aconcealed expander as well which can be pulled out. With the help of the concealed expander, energy can be produced by the process of induction. The Scaraby comes equipped with a rechargeable battery pack, which islocated in the detachable heading section. The battery pack is locatedin such a position that it makes use of the space which could otherwisebe wasted.

Via: Benjamin Beck


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