The “Energy Roof” in Perugia

Energy Roof Perugia thumb 450x315 The Energy Roof in Perugia

A roof that generates electricity and looks like an architecturalwonder will be used as a canopy along the Via Mazzini in Perugia.

Designed by Wolf D. Prix, Design Principal and CEO of COOPHIMMELB(L)AU, the ‘Energy Roof’ will generate electricity for the city.The west wing of the roof captures solar energy while the east wingcaptures wind energy. Made up of three layers, this roof contains theenergy generating unit in the top layer, the structural layer in themiddle and a combination of laminated glazing and translucent pneumaticcushions in the bottom layer. The top layer contains photovoltaic cellsthat grab juice from the sun while five wind turbines place in thestructural layer generate energy.

This stylish and freshly designed architectural wonderproves to be an example in the use of alternative energy and will beyet another pride to the Italian city of Perugia.