The ‘Power Flower’ Concept from NL Architects

fp06 SpDUr 37497 The Power Flower Concept from NL Architects

Whenever we think about renewable wind energy harnessing, thosenoisy, ubiquitous three-bladed behemoths come to our minds. But nothingin the dictum of green technology says that it can’t be sensiblygraceful and utterly practical in its conception. And that is exactlywhat the Amsterdam-based firm NL Architects has uniquely come up with – an artistically conceived compact windturbine that is highly reliant on the pragmatic side of affairs.

fp02 97pUM 37497 The Power Flower Concept from NL Architects

Aptly named as the “Power Flower,” this petite contraption featuresmultiple “petals” with propellers. The convenient compactness of thisturbine is evident, as an array of these turbines can harmoniously bearranged on artificial “tree” posts. According to the designers, aconventional turbine requires five times as much radius as thesediminutive yet sturdy generators do.

Not only that, their small size is conducive in the context ofcramped urban domestic zones. Moreover, they incorporate a vertical axis design which can utilize the wind from all directions, and eventransfer the energy to other sustainable technologies such as solarpanels. In the end, quite smartly the designers have contrived of twotypes of models – a smaller and a larger one, catering to bothresidential and commercial usages.

Source: Designboom