The Pixel Qi Solar Cell Screen for Tablets

pixel qi feqkk The Pixel Qi Solar Cell Screen for Tablets

While selecting a smartphone, tablet or any other portable devices,any person will predominantly look for one with better battery backupcapability. A device that runs longer on a light battery will attractmore costumers for sure. Understanding the point, Pixel Qi, a leader indesigning innovative displays, showcased a tablet platform with a smallsolar panel to recharge the device’s battery at the recently-concludedComputex Taipei 2011 in Taiwan.

The idea behind the solar panel powered tablet is indeedexciting. The Pixel Qi display and a complete ARM tablet motherboardwill work on the battery powered by the solar panel. That means a tablet PC will work totally on solar power. It is surely an amazing evolutionin the technology world.

The solar panel can be placed on the bezel of the tablet. The solarpanel that can produce 1W will reportedly cost around $3. The 1W poweris enough to run a Pixel Qi display and ARM motherboard tablet. Thatmeans even unplugged with the electricity you can function the tablet PC thanks to the energy from the Sun. The solar panel will charge thebattery.

Via: Technabob