The Parco Solare Sud Solar Park

parco solare sud evo9r The Parco Solare Sud Solar Park

Think of a protracted space spiraling along the edges of picturesquemountains, and covered with an equally expansive translucently red roof. This in short is the Parco Solar Sud, a paradisiacal promenade whichdoubles up as a sustainable public park with a plethora of innovativespatial volumes. Originally a long carriageway located in the Bagnararegion of Italy, design studio Cottone+Indelicato Architects have sought to redefine the narrow area, with the incorporation of a lengthy solarroof supported by symmetry of vertical steel elements.

The irregular, elongated shape of the solar park can certainly havean adverse effect on its degree of accessibility, and thus thearchitects have ingeniously envisaged a total of four entries; two ofthem to be accessed from the cardinal directions of north and south,while the remaining two to be made from vertical approaches. Coming tothe ‘interior’, the spatial zonings housed by the conspicuous red roofcover will include a series of public pavilions for cultural,recreational, and educational activities.

The carriageway at times is interspersed by tunnel systems, and eventhey will be cleverly used as agricultural facilities for cultivation of mushrooms. Finally coming to the sustainable part, the elongatedroofing system will incorporate an array of photovoltaic panels, solarcells and even diminutive wind generators.

The multitude of panels extending along the surface will function asclean energy producing shading devices. Moreover, due to adroit designconsiderations, their quantity and orientation (at particular spots)will depend upon the sun’s intensity (according to solar path) foroptimized power generation. This in turn infuses the essence ofpracticality along with sustainability in the whole ambitious proposal.

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