The Next Generation of Solar

Arizona State University and Advent Solar, Inc. announced a developmentpartnership to further the advancement of solar photovoltaictechnology. As part of the initiative, members of Arizona StateUniversity’s Solar Power Laboratory will work with Advent Solar, aleading innovator of silicon-based solar technology, to developsolutions for improving energy harvesting of solar systems. The AdventSolar initiative with ASU signals a benchmark in regional efforts toincrease solar technology development in Arizona.

Advent Solarwill place engineering talent at SkySong, ASU’s Center for Innovationin Scottsdale. Their presence reinforces the robust researchcapabilities that ASU offers and validates Arizona’s future role in theglobal solar industry. ASU SkySong is a platform for stimulatingeconomic growth through university-business partnerships, and hasassisted many enterprises with finding customers and growing theirnetwork of potential new business collaborations, as well as newclients, said Julia Rosen, associate vice president for ASU Innovationand Entrepreneurship.

Arizona State University’s prominent teamof scientists and engineers are committed to developing thenext-generation of solar energy technology to improve power efficiencyand the economic feasibility of renewable energy, said George Maracas,acting Director and Chief Operating Officer of the Solar PowerLaboratory at Arizona State University. We’re thrilled to partner withsolar technology innovator, Advent Solar.

Advent Solar is aforward-thinking, performance-driven company, and Scottsdale isthrilled to welcome them to SkySong, said Scottsdale Mayor Jim Lane.The collaboration between ASU and Advent Solar will advance the nextgeneration of solar technology and help elevate Arizona’s profile as arivoltion for this industry. Scottsdale has long been a champion ofsustainable practices, and the addition of Advent Solar to ourcommunity supports our efforts to create a progressive businessclimate, said Harold Stewart, acting Economic Vitality General Managerfor the City of Scottsdale. We are proud to nurture the future of solaradvancements in our city.

Arizona State University and AdventSolar will collaborate to develop next-generation solar technologybased upon the architectural framework provided by Advent Solar®Ventura Technology. This technology provides the blueprint fordelivering the industry’s best value for silicon PV modules. VenturaSolar Technology combines the Emitter-Wrap Through back-contact cellwith Monolithic Module Assembly . It is an integrated cell-to-modulearchitecture that delivers higher energy efficiency at lower productioncosts.

With Ventura Technology, Advent Solar has created adevelopment path to significantly improve the efficiency and costmetrics of solar technology at both the cell and module levels, saidPeter Green, president and CEO of Advent Solar. We are excited aboutworking closely with Arizona State University to further expand thecapabilities of Ventura Technology and create innovative approaches tomeet the challenges facing the solar industry. The Greater PhoenixEconomic Council is proud to see the realization of Advent Solar’spartnership with ASU, said Barry Broome, GPEC president and CEO. Theregional economic development organization facilitated the introductionbetween these institutions during an executive tour of Greater Phoenixlast November. Arizona should be a leader in engineering,manufacturing, distributing and consuming solar technology. AdventSolar’s involvement in our market helps us move in that direction. 



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