The New SkyPower Logo

SkyPower Logo July 2011 257x300 The New SkyPower Logo

The design & art department over here at SkyPower has really outdonethemselves this time with a new SkyPower Logo refresh that accomplishesall of their goals in a great, single design. Here’s what they werelooking for and you be the judge as to how successful they have been.

The first thing they were going for was a clean, modern and stronglook. The old logos have all been “too futzy” for them and so with thisnew look, the prissiness is gone. Next was the problem with the solarelectric panel in the foreground. It was too small, too hard to see andtoo hard to figure out what it was. On top of that, it was a holdoverfrom the start-up days of SkyPower in 2006 when commercial solar wasking. If you’ll remember, the tax laws back then limited the personaltax deduction to only $2,000 so commercial solar was the only way to go.

After the TARP law in 2008 opened up solar for homes here in theValley and around the US, the ground mounted solar panel of the old logo has given way to the large and bolder roof panel we see more usedtoday. Then, they added a refreshed version of our beloved cactus (along with a really cool shadow) and gave the desert Sun a bit of an angryorange treatment to show how powerful it is out here. Capping off thelogo with the words “Solar Engineering for Arizona” really explains inconcise terms what we actually do around here.

The response to this new logo has been absolutely fabulous. Everyone … really, everyone … thinks it’s a great move forward and gives it thebig thumbs up.

Everyone except the engineering group. It seems that true solarengineering has taken a back seat to art and the engineers aregrumbling. There are at least five major concerns from the engineers asto why this logo is not the perfect design for solar panels. “Oh sure,”they say, “it’s pretty and modern and all that, but what about thecactus shadow on the panel? That’s just not the SkyPower way!”

It’s true. We have allowed the creative arts department to win theday on our new logo … but it’s just about the only time they ever win on a thing like this, so we have all said that it’s okay … this time. Ifyou want to email SkyPower and tell us some of the other anachronismsthat you see here, go ahead. We’ll be making up T-Shirts soon with thenew logo and if you find one of those funny, little solar engineeringmistakes, we’ll send you a T-Shirt when they are ready.

Here’s an example of what we mean … if you think the ™ symbol aboveSKYPOWER is incorrect, you’d be wrong … sort of. The US Trademark office awarded us that Service Mark #77-697,846. So, really it could be SM instead of a ™, but the character map on our PC’s don’t have SM and no one really knows what  SM is anyway so we are using ™ to show the registration. No detail left unturned over here at SkyPower. Have fun.