The New Kid On The Fuel Cell Block

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nkotb The New Kid On The Fuel Cell Block

Good morning!

Long-time subscribers need little introduction to GreenCell, Inc. (GCLL) beyond the following:

Yes, GCLL is that stock that delivered over 50% in potential gains during a few wild-and-woolly days back in October.

Remember this chart?

GCLL shares are clearly under accumulation as traders become familiar with this company’s potential.

No 200-day average yet, but from here GCLL would need just a 5% wiggle to retest the 20-day trend.

MACD just edged up toward signal yesterday, revealing a possible shift in momentum in the wings.

RSI just printed a similar dog leg straight upward.

STO has spent the last few days racing up toward the edge of “oversold.”

CHART51 The New Kid On The Fuel Cell Block

From fast cars to fuel cells, GCLL does it all!

For all the new people around here, GCLL makes hi-tech ceramics that can survive temperatures up to 1,800 degrees Celsius: hot enough to melt titanium, platinum and most kinds of steel. (Read more)

That means GCLL can make spark plugs and furnace lighters that are tougher, cheaper, easier to manufacture and even smaller than the current standard, silicon nitride – and the smaller they are, the less fuel they burn. (Read more)

So just starting the world’s cars represents a possible $40 million annual market opportunity! (Read more)

After that, GCLL’s ambitions ramp up fast and the potential cash flow becomes truly astronomical. With the right funding, it can build prototype brake pads, oxygen sensors and the real biggy –hydrogen fuel cells – inside of 18 months. (Read more)

Fuel cells! They’re now a $240 million global industry, and the gurus expect demand for these babies to surge 17% a year as the price of crude oil stays high. (Read more)

Even Apple is making plans to start building its own fuel cells…if only it can find the right materials to make them. (Read more)

Most fuel cell designs currently rely on expensive platinum – at $1,800 an ounce – as a catalyst, GCLL promises that it can make as many cells as the world needs, without wasting a single gram of platinum or its almost-as-expensive cousin, palladium! (Read more)

With near-term revenue and world-changing prospects ahead, no wonder traders have been searching high and low for every GCLL share they can find…there are barely 32 million of them on the open market. (Read more)

That’s right! GCLL has a market cap of maybe $16 million. Mighty Apple has nearly $10 BILLION in cash. You do the math.

Bottom Line: Limited supply of GCLL stock has driven these shares on some extremely spiky swings.

If GCLL delivers that kind of volatility this morning, DO NOT chase the gap!

Consider waiting for a dip instead – GCLL traders who did that have captured an average intraday gain of 12% over the last month.

Either way, GCLL is back on our radar…and should be on yours as well.

See you in the winners’ circle!

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