The Naimo Electric Concept by Kia

1 oN71V 37497 The Naimo Electric Concept by Kia

In yet another entry for the 2011 Seoul Motor Show, South Korea’ssecond largest automobile manufacturer Kia Motors has unveiled theirNaimo electric concept car. Loaning its name from the Korean word‘Ne-mo’, (pronounced ‘Neh-mo’, meaning ‘square shape’), the all electric Naimo is touted to be a CUV (crossover utility vehicle).

Combining traditionalistic Korean attributes with an adroit yetfacile demeanor, the car imbues many conspicuous features such as thewraparound windscreen, asymmetric sunroof design, and even LEDheadlights. Similarly, the interior incorporates vernacular elementswith a modernistic touch, like Korean oak being used for door panels and the floor, and Korean paper being used for the head lining. Astutelycountering them will be the advanced TOLED (transparent organic lightemitting diode) display instrument panel and full device connectivity.

The car is powered by an electric motor with twin 27kwh LiPolybatteries. On a single charge it can trot up to a range of around 200km in zero emission mode, while recharging can be done conveniently using a simple 3.3kw outlet.

Source: AkihabaraNews