The most efficient solar power system ever

Thereare two types of solar energy systems, solar photovoltaic which turnssunlight into electricity and solar thermal which harnesses the warmthof the sun to provide heating. If you want both typically you’d have toinstall two separate systems. Although PVTSolar, an innovative companyoffers a solar energy system that not only produces electricity but canprovide heating all in one system!

They took a smart approach inturning a problem into an efficiency by controlling the heat thattypically reduces performance on solar photovoltaic panels into anasset for water and space heating. By taking the heat that typicallyharms photovoltaic production and putting it to good use, PVTSolarclaims they have the most efficient solar energy system in the world.

Accordingto the company, the PVTSolar power system will not only look good butit will cost 25% more than a regular photovoltaic system but since itcan provide both your electric and heating needs the system will saveyou more money in the long run. What do you think of PVTSolarrevolutionary echo solar energy system that can knock out more of yourenergy needs?



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