‘The Light Catcher’ Concept Battery

28 February of 2011 by

solar cell kUQ4H 37497 The Light Catcher Concept Battery

This ingenious design for the 2011 IF concept design entry, is contrived by designers Yung-Hsaing Chang, Ming-Shien Lin andChang-Ting Lu. This ’short and sweet’ contraption is basically a simplephotoelectric battery exceptionally incorporating a wholly transparentbody. This placid surface is imbued with an anti-reflective array ofminuscule solar cells.

So when the battery ‘dies’, it can be quite nonchalantly juiced up byour effulgent sunlight and that’s it – it would be effectively up andrunning. The battery conveniently comes in AA and AAA sizes, and canpower up an adjacent small device by just using a 3.5mm jack!

solar cell2 zN8T7 37497 The Light Catcher Concept Battery

Source: Yankodesign


solyndragh2 610x407 MkKua 32853 150x150 Solyndra‘s Solar Collector Technology


Solyndra‘s Solar Collector Technology

NEWEN Concept by Francisco Tablado


NEWEN Concept by Francisco Tablado

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