The Lifebook Leaf Laptop Concept

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Lifebook Leaf is a concept laptop that incorporates the latestenvironment-friendly developments in technology to revamp the production of laptops in the future. The laptop conceptualized by designer duo Laura Karnath and Carl Burdick, was shortlisted from more than 1000 designs submitted for the “Fujitsudesign award: A life with future computing”, organised by Designboom incollaboration with Fujitsu.

The laptop runs on solar power. It consists of one OLED touchscreen that can be spread out as a flat display or folded like a laptop. OLEDdisplays function without a backlight giving them the freedom to bethinner and lighter than liquid crystal displays. To prevent scratcheson the touchscreens folded on the inside, the interior is made fromrubber. The exterior of the laptop is made from polycarbonate, amaterial known to be optically sensitive and shatterproof. The exteriordoubles up a solar cell that can be charged when the device is foldedopen and placed upside down. This serves the purpose of charging thelaptop with natural light in the outdoors. To communicate with otherdevices, the laptop integrates a 4G module. A small OLED panel locatedat the back of the device alerts users of messages or alerts receivedduring charging. A waterproof zipper prevents damage caused by contactwith water.

The designers planned for three cameras to be built into the top ofthe device so that 3D photography and depth sensing is possible. Thatway, the laptop can be controlled with gestures as well as with thetouchscreen. The designers hope that with more efficient solar panels,the device will be able to generate enough excess power to charge otherdevices by USB.

While this futuristic laptop is ages away from becoming feasible asan item for consumer use, it definitely shows theenvironmentally-conscious way for production process of laptops in thefuture.

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Via: Designboom / Designbuzz