The Largest Hydrogen Fuel Cell in the World

15 August of 2010 by

ballard+hydrogen+fuel+cell The Largest Hydrogen Fuel Cell in the WorldOn August 11, Ballard Power Systems announced the deployment of thelargest hydrogen fuel cell in the world. This first time deploymentdemonstrates the viability of clean energy on a large scale.

The fuel cell is the size of a tractor trailer and is completelytransportable. It is capable of generating up to one megawatt of powerwhich is enough to power 500 homes or the equivalent of a small town.

The Fuel cell will travel from its manufacturer Ballard Power Systems inBurnaby, B.C., to FirstEnergy Generation Corp, in Eastlake, Ohio for afive year trial run. The utility plans to run the fuel cell duringperiods of peak demand, to ensure uninterrupted power to customers.

This fuel cell generator is known as CLEARgen(TM) and it is based onBallard’s proton exchange membrane (PEM) technology. As a transportabletechnology it can replace dirty diesel generators with clean energysolutions in remote communities.It’s also capable of running offby-product hydrogen from chemical plants.

Ballardprovides clean energy fuel cell products enabling optimized powersystems for a range of applications. Ballard fuel cells are poweringzero-emission bus fleets, providing backup power solutions to cell phone companies and powering fleets of forklift trucks at major distributioncenters.


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