The king of beers, the king of solar?

budwiser The king of beers, the king of solar?

Ona lighter note, Budweiser the king of beers announced they’re the kingof solar by installing a 6 acre solar photovoltaic array at their Fairfield brewery. The1.2 MW (megawatt) solar electric system will provide about 3% of thebrewery’s electric needs. It sounds like the solar panels aren’tcontributing much but you have to take into consideration thesebreweries consume tremendous amounts of energy.

The companyincurred no upfront cost for the large solar electric system since itwas financed through a PPA (power purchasing agreement) by SunEdison.A PPA is a financial contract to help large organizations reduce theirelectric bills by letting a third party own and operate the solarelectric system and purchase the electricity per kWh (kilowatt-hour) ata price competitive to utility rates.