The iNature Bio-Degradable iPhone Case $AAPL

Italian firms Med Computer and Biomood have created biodegradable cases for Apple iPhone, the iNature. It was demonstrated at CES 2012 in Las Vegas. The iNature cases will decompose about 90 percent in soil in 180 days after you throw away them. They are made from a native Italian bio-plastic, called the Apinat. The material is ideal to protect your iPhone from falls, scratches and shocks, as it fits well around your handset.

The iNature case can withstand harsh climate and won’t wear out even in heat, humidity or other still conditions. However, what makes it even more amazing are its biodegradable features. Like most iPhone cases, iNature won’t make any stress on ecology as it easily rots. The world today is in need of exactly this technology, which helps avert polluting the environment.

The iNature case was one among the devices that grabbed the CES Innovations 2012 Design and Engineering Awards. Along with iNature, the Italian firms unveiled an iNature BioRolly, which is also a biodegradable technology accessory. The BioRolly is meant to wrap up cables and chords to shun away annoying tangling.

The iNature iPhone case comes in three models with various tints. The case is priced at $19.9 and you can grab it from the product web site. The product will fit well around all recent models including iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 and 4S. Get an iNature case for your iPhone and save the earth from more plastic and hard garbage.

Via: GreenPacks

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