The Helios Solar River Barge

helios 1 vz8Io 7071 The Helios Solar River Barge

There are plenty of boats, yachts and even luxury ships out therethat are trying very hard to go green. The idea is to replaceconventional fossil fuel powered engines with cleaner electric motorsthat cause less pollution both in terms emissions and noise. The idea is simple enough in principle but when it comes to execution, you need alot more than just an electric engine to go green with power and notlose out on the oomph factor. In comes solar power once again to savethe day!

helios 2 SDKik 7071 The Helios Solar River Barge

Helios is a one-of-a-kind river and lake barge that is bestowed with not just a beautiful design, but also comes with a solar rooftop thatis capable of tapping into the power of the sun. The photovoltaic panels laced on top of the boat’s cabins supplement the electric engine of the barge with clean power.

Apart from the energy design of the Helios that allows it to beemission-free while it cruises in both deep and shallow waters withease, it also cuts down on noise pollution and has in-built system thatrecycles and recovers rainwater for usage on the barge. There is also amini wastage treatment plant onboard on the Helios that ensures thatriver and lake waters are not polluted as you enjoy your cruise.

With a luxurious lounge and comfortable living rooms that canaccommodate 4 people onboard, Helios allows you to explore calm andlaidback waters in a fashion that is cool both for you an the planet.

Via: Perspective-Design