The Health Light Solar Water Purifier


Water is one of the vital necessities of life that we simply cannotdo without. However, sometimes natural water resources pose some serious health hazards. During the rainy season many areas flooded. Thisfloodwater is often toxic, and contains millions of impurities anddisease causing microorganisms. You might not drink this water directly, but coming into contact with this contaminated water might causediseases. Contaminated water is the source of deadly diseases likeHepatitis and dysentery among others.

In fact, rainwater is a source of drinking water and contaminationof drinking water can lead to serious health problems. The groundwater,which is a major source of the water that we use in our daily lives,largely consists of infiltrated rainwater that has seeped through theground. You must have noticed that more people fall sick during therainy season. When there are heavy floods the situation becomes quiteworse. People who draw water from private wells and other suchfacilities are at a higher risk. Rivers offer respite from waterproblems throughout the year, but after rains those very rivers cantransform into a gigantic source of toxic water. Floodwater can becontaminated by a host of things like animal waste, bacteria in theground, fertilizers and so on.

While you can ensure the purity of the water that you drink, it isnot the same story elsewhere. But now you can even ensure the purity offloodwaters thanks to “Health Light”, which is a solar light waterpurifier, designed by Liu Yun. This purifier uses solar light to detoxify toxic floodwaters, which can cause health hazards.The purifier is extremely user-friendly and involves no complicatedtechnical problems. One simply has to set this up in a flood area and it does its own work and you are notified by the changing color of theindicator.

Health Light consists of two parts, one part consists of the LEDlight, the solar panel, and this part also has a handle, which makes iteasier to carry. The other part is a long stick like structure, whichhas to be immersed in the water after the set up is complete. Thiscontains the power data interface. “Health Light” not only collectswater for analysis, it also purifies it at the same time. This devicecan be of special help in areas where medical facilities are not thateasily available. Prevention is better than cure and by purifying water a host of diseases can be avoided.

Setting up the “Health Light” is not a complicated task. It is avery compact device that can be easily carried to the place where youwould like to set it up. The two parts then have to be assembled and the device has to be placed in the water. The color of the light willchange and that will be an indication of the purity level of the wateraround it. So you can monitor the progress of the purification withconsiderable ease.

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