‘The Greenerator’

greenerator The Greenerator

A new product developed to help residential communities cut down onenergy use and CO2 emissions can make use of wind and solar power quiteeasy, even if you live in an apartment building. The product, termed’The Greenerator’, takes advantage of a very small space to provide theconsumer with a payback in renewable energy.

TheGreenerator resembles a futuristic wind spinner, but really containsboth a vertical axis wind turbine and flexible solar panels. The smallproduct can save a resident 6% on their electric bill, and can generateenough power to run a 32 inch flat panel TV. Most importantly, theGreenerator can be hung over an apartment ledge quite easily, and justneeds to be facing the sun to operate.
This is a product that seems foolish not to own if you are either into decorating your balcony or into renewable energy. This product seems to fit wellinto both interest groups. we couldn’t find any product informationrelated to purchasing the greenerator, but it certainly seems thatsomething of this nature will be available soon.