The Green Jobs Bubble

There’s going to be a Green Jobs backlash.  There…I said it. Themanufacturing plant that closed up the road can’t be re-tooled over thecourse of eighteen months to magically employ the same number of peopledoing mythical ‘green’ things.  Promising this to a community or aperson that has been laid off is a recipe for disappointment andresentment and I expect some of those unrealistic promises will comeback to bite people who made big promises.  That’s the bad news – takesome time to mourn the loss if you need it.

Once we get over that fact, we can move on to the good news:companies are hiring and there are more opportunities in renewables andenergy efficiency than ever.  The Great Recession that we’re eitheremerging from or still buried in has caused an subtle paradigm shift inemployment in the construction industry that is not that complicated tounderstand once you see it.  Consumer preferences are changing butcompanies are risk adverse, so there’s more contract work, lots oftemporary positions, and entrepreneurship is a necessary optionsometimes.  The opportunities are there, they just aren’t packaged with a corner office and a pension.

I know many people who have gotten green jobs and there will be many, many more in the months and years ahead.  So lets not let theinevitable Green Jobs backlash distract us from the exciting changesthat are slowly but surely taking place.

From Brian Hayden, on our industryinsiders



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