The Future of Transportation

If you’re interested in some good thinking in the area of transportation, check out The Victoria Transport Policy Institute.

As I wrote to my friend Tom Konrad of AltEnergyStocks who introduced me, this is a very solid approach to the future oftransportation. In an ideal world, we’d totally rethink transportationfrom the ground up (and down) and do something along the lines of whatthese folks are suggesting.

But let’s face facts: they’ll be fighting some of the most powerfulvested interests on Earth. General Motors and Goodyear Tires bought upand immediately dismantled the Los Angeles trolley system 75 years agoto force people into cars; this was an extremely successful stratagemthat, to this day,  has resulted in near total market domination — andhuge levels of profit.  Only a few years ago did the transportationsystem out here re-install light-rail electric trains and attempt tore-introduce the concept of public transportation.  Are we to think that interests like these are any less ruthless and effective today?



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