The Future of Transportation

I just got off the phone with Dan Sturges of WheelChange. If there’s a person on this planet who’s done more work to bring along the future of transportation, I sure want to meet him.

For more than two decades, Dan and his team have been developing and promoting a complex and dynamic set of solutions built around a single concept:

Our current conception of transportation: redundant, heavy, bulky, and fossil-fuel-reliant – is simply unaffordable in every sense of the word. It’s not economically sound to the individual consumer, and it’s exorbitantly expensive to society as a whole, both financially and ecologically.

But, pragmatically, how do we deploy mass transit (like SwiftTram), car-sharing, ride-sharing, and micro-rentals, while beginning to reduce car ownership? How do we introduce small, light, and inexpensive urban transportation, while encouraging walking and bicycling? How do we use information and communication technology to make these blended solutions convenient and appealing, ensuring the consumer-citizen adopts these concepts enthusiastically, rather than rejecting them as an irrelevant burden?

Dan will be joining us here on the “Associates” page, and I plan to get very vigorous indeed in telling his story to the city planners and transportation managers of the world who should be welcoming him into their discussions.

Dan will also be the focus on the February webinar; more on this soon.

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