The Future of High-Speed Rail in California

Despite simple-minded critics who blast high-speed rail development because they refuse to comprehend the value and necessity of infrastructure investments, California Governor Jerry Brown thew his support behind the new high-speed rail system in the Golden State in his second State of the State address.

Here’s what the Governor had to say. . .

“The Central Valley Water Project was called a ‘fantastic dream’ that ‘will not work.’ The master plan for the interstate highway system in 1939 was derided as ‘New Deal jitterbug economics.’ In 1966, then-Mayor Johnson of Berkeley called BART a ‘billion-dollar potential fiasco.’ Similarly, the Panama Canal was for years thought to be impractical, and Benjamin Disraeli himself said of the Suez Canal: ‘Totally impossible to be carried out.’ The critics were wrong then, and they’re wrong now.”

The bottom line is that high-speed rail offers tremendous environmental, economic and national security benefits that are well worth the investment. Trust me, future generations will thank us. Just as we have thanked previous generations for the interstate highway system.

High-Speed Rail Support Continues In California originally appeared in Green Chip Stocks. Green Chip Review is a free 2x-per-week newsletter, is the first advisory to focus exclusively on investments in alternative and renewable energies.


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