The Future of CSP: Webcast

csp The Future of CSP: Webcast

I recently had the privilege of participating in a webcast on thefuture of concentrating solar power (CSP) in the U.S. The paneldiscussion was moderated by Marc Gunther, a contributing editor at Fortune magazine who has spent many years writing on energy issues.

The discussion was fascinating for me, since I was the only one ofthe three panelists not employed by a CSP company. That meant I couldask a lot of questions of people who have vast working experience withthis promising utility-scale technology.

The other participants were Michael Jungreis, manager of business development for Siemens Concentrated Solar Power, and Bob Cable, plant manager of Nevada Solar One, a 64 MW CSP plant that went on-line in 2007.

The webcast was sponsored by The Energy Collective and ran, live, on July 14, 2010. Click below to begin the webcast.

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