The Fora Solar Powered LED Lamp

Fora Solar Combo

Fora Solar ComboSolar Powered LED Lamp

At the first instance it may seem to have ademeanor of an Apple product, but in reality this is a conception that scores high on thepractical side of affairs. Dubbed as the Fora, this uniquely contriveddevice designed by the team of Benson Lee and Roy Chen is actually aclean solar powered music player, which doubles up as a LED desk lamp.

Supposedly inspired by the natural process of photosynthesis, thedesigners wanted to conceive a totally “green” system with dualadvantages. Firstly the adroit conception would utilize emission freesolar energy, and then rather notching up a sustainable level, thedevice is also touted to be energy efficient. Thus the consumption ofelectricity from conventional sources is significantly reduced.

Moreover, coming to the practical side, the nigh effortless,modular design (and hence my allusion to Apple) along with completecordless features facilitates portability. The designers have alsothought of a completely patented photo sensor that regulates the optimum usage and intensity of solar induction. This in turn accentuates uponthe level of efficiency and makes this elegantly green productapplicable in various scenarios.

Source: Red Dot



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