The Flower Solar Street Lamp by Luís MRPS

Flower Solar Street Lamp

The Flower Solar Street Lamp concept promises to be an important step towards energy conservation. The Flower Solar Street Lamp, designed byLuís MRPS, uses solar energy to illuminate public places such as parksand streets in a sustainable manner. It does not require an electricconnection with the grid and obviously saves electricity. It is named so because it looks like a flower and its petals accumulate solar energyduring daytime to be used in the night.

How does the Flower Solar Street Lamp work?

As mentioned earlier, the Flower Solar Street Lamp is designed like a flower. The petal-like parts in fact comprises photovoltaic modules,which can harness solar power. The harnessed power can be stored in oneor more batteries to generate power for LED lamps, which illuminatespublic places. An LED lamp emits white light and has an averagelifetime of 50,000 hours. Flower Solar Street Lamps do not depend ongrid electricity at all.

Benefits of Flower Solar Street Lamp

Since a Flower Solar Street Lamp does not require grid electricity,it means a lot of energy conservation. The electricity saved can bechannelized into other uses. Moreover the Flower Solar Street Lamp also emits very little heat.

Via: Behance


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