The Current Price of Solar Rebates in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and San Diego

MoneybagRojer The Current Price of Solar Rebates in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and San Diego

Hello, and welcome to CaliforniaSolar Rebates 101. We’re going to keep it so simple, because, heck, weknow you’re busy and you just want the bottom line. But before you skipdown there, understand this:

  • Installation prices are falling, but so are the California subsidies.
  • The rebate cash you’ll receive depends on your utility and how many of people have already gone solar.
  • The more people go solar within a particular utility, the rebate goes to a lower “step.”
  • In Los Angeles, for example, the rebate for an average 4kW solarsystem is still high because few people have gone solar. In SanFrancisco, the rebate cash is low because lots of people have gonesolar.
  • The good news is that the net cost of solar is about the sameprice, but it’s just not as subsidized in San Francisco.
  • Why? Because competition is making solar cheaper in San Francisco and installers are bringing down prices.
  • End of lesson

And now for the Bottom Line:

Below is the cash rebate that you can expect right now if you buy anaverage 4kW solar system. Keep in mind that you may need a smaller–orlarger–system for your electricity needs. We’re talking average. If youwant a more exact estimate, you can get a free online anonymous estimate from They’ve got a nifty group purchasing program that makes solar even cheaper, especially in California.

Sample California Cash Rebates for an Average 4kW Solar Installation




Cash Rebate

San Francisco, San Jose, Oakland and Northern California, Sonoma



Orange County, Riverside, Parts of Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Santa Barbara



Los Angeles



San Diego




Image: Solar Money Bags (Photo:Flickr/Rojer)

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