The Business Case for BIPV

NanoMarkets has released a preview from its upcoming report titled, "The Business Case for Building Integrated Photovoltaics" that will bereleased the week of December 27, 2010.

NanoMarkets believes the photovoltaics industry is at a crossroads. A combination of factors now threatens to return the PV industry back to little more than a nichemarket. At the same time, PV technology is maturing and there is agrowing realization that standard PV panels are becoming commoditized.

The combination of reduced subsidies and commoditized products is not anattractive environment for solar panel manufacturers to make money andperhaps by now some of the old timers in the PV industry are chalking up the current situation as just another disappointment in an industrythat has seen its fair share since the 1970s.

However,NanoMarkets believes that PV may not only be "saved" bybuilding-integrated PV (BIPV) but may actually flourish as a result ofit. What BIPV does is to bring an entirely new value proposition to thePV market both in terms of cost and in terms of aesthetics. And as aresult, BIPV promises the PV industry an opportunity to create newhigher value products, exactly what an industry with a commoditizingproduct set required.

The purpose of this report is to explain how the BIPV business case can best be made.
In its report NanoMarkets provides a thorough examination of the keyfactors that prove out BIPV as a viable offering and gives readers aclear understanding of how manufacturers can assign value to theaesthetics of solutions, the particular selling points of specificmarkets and how they can best justify their products to the variouscustomer segments.



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