The BMW Pedelec Electric Scooter Designed for Olympics

BMW Electric Scooter

BMW, the sponsor of the 2012 Olympics to be held in London, is coming out with various non-polluting transportation systems that will be used during the time and later is planning to launch them commercially aswell. BMW, a leader in the auto industry, would be venturing in thefield of electric bikes and scooters that will be a part of the fleetof four-wheeled right-hand vehicles from the BMW 5-series ActiveHybridthat will come out in 2012 and will also hit the European market withleft-hand driving models of the same. This will be a great way tolaunch and promote private transportation that does not run on gas andis eco-friendly too, and BMW’s initiative in this respect would never go unnoticed.

BMW Electric Scooter

BMW Electric ScooterDesigned for Olympics

Apart from the BMW 5-series that would be seen during the LondonOlympics, the surprise element would be the new electric scooter calledthe BMW Pedelec, presently in the prototype stage, would also be seenduring that time. Two hundred pieces of these vehicles, which purelyrun on electricity, would be seen representing BMW as a manufacturer ofsustainable and zero-emission vehicles with a maximum speed of 18mph,which can be exceeded if you pedal hard! The Pedelec, not only saves on fuel, reduces harmful CO2 emissions but also saves on parking space, as these bikes are foldable and can be carried along in trains and tubes. All in all, a great initiative by BMW to come out with “greener” andmore sustainable designs for private transportation!

Via: Autocar



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