The Blue Wing Solar Project

The Blue Wing Solar Project  Truly Utility Scale The Blue Wing Solar Project

Recently, in what is destined to be a long series of profiles of solarprojects bigger than ten megawatts, we looked at Agile Energy’s effortsto develop a 50 megawatt project in Ohio called Turning Point Solar.  That project is still in the development stage.  This week, we look at Blue Wing.

The Blue Wing solar farm near San Antonio, Texas is operational andproducing 16.6 megawatts of DC power (14.4 megawatts AC).  It’s thelargest solar photovoltaic (PV) facility in Texas and the third largestPV farm in the U.S.  The amount of generation from the facility isapproximately 25,000 megawatt-hours.

The installation includes a 500-kilowatt demonstration facility wherean assortment of thin film and crystalline silicon PV modules as well as a concentrating PV unit have been installed for research and comparison purposes.  The project developer did not divulge the CPV vendoralthough we’re looking into that.

Juwi solar,with U.S. operations based out of Boulder, Colorado developed, designedand built Blue Wing.  The project is owned by Duke Energy and the poweris purchased by CPS Energy under a 30-year power purchase agreement.To-date juwi solar had developed and built three of the largest solarpower plants in the nation; the 15 megawatt Jacksonville Solar inFlorida, the 12 megawatt Wyandot Solar in Ohio, and the 16 megawatt Blue Wing.

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