The Altair 70 Solar Boat Concept from Pama Design

altair 70 by pama design_1

Designers over at Pama Architetti Design have conceptualized a solar-powered yacht that has been made fromfiberglass and includes enough photovoltaic panels to generate about 5KW of renewable electric power. Dubbed the Altair 70, the 70-foot yachthas been based on the desire to combine an aesthetically competitiveform with the use of photovoltaic modules.

altair 70 by pama design_2

To include a large array of photovoltaic panels onboard, thedesigners have thought of include two large wings to increase thesurface area, thus increasing the amount of energy generated. The wingscan be closed when the yacht is sailing. When moored, the wings can beopened and the photovoltaic panels in the bow can also be raised torecharge the onboard batteries.

altair 70 by pama design_3

When the yacht is moored, the forewings can be raised to allow twocomfortable, reserved and shaded areas to be fitted with tables andsofas. The lower deck has a modular scheme, which can be subdivided into three blocks. Each module has two versions, which can be furnished in a variety of ways.

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Thanks for the tip: [Alessandro Pannone]


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