The 2011 Renewable Energy World Conference and Expo

With more than 4,000 renewable industry leaders and utility executives inattendance, Renewable Energy World Conference is North America’s leading all renewable event. The event will take place at the Tampa ConventionCenter in Tampa, Florida on March 8-10, 2011. Industry experts willpresent on current trends, challenges and opportunities in renewableenergy.

There are more than 125 speakers and 200 exhibitingcompanies scheduled for the event. Conference track subjects include:Biomass, geothermal, hydro, policy, market & finance, solar, utility Integration, smart grid, solar and wind.

On Tuesday, March 8, at 3:00 PM the Keynote speaker will be Mr. Kurt Yeager, ExecutiveDirectorof the Galvin Electricity Initiative. Yeager led the ElectricPower research Institute for 30 years and guided an industry-widecollaborative effort to address challenges and plan for the future ofelectric power. Now as leader of the Galvin Electricity Initiative, heis continuing to lead efforts to reform the power generation anddelivery sectors to improve reliability and expand the role of renewable energy.

Yeager’s keynote speech will detail a model projectcurrently underway at the Illinois Institute of Technology. This project is intended to design and build efficient ‘Perfect Power System’models. This efficient electric power system advances ideas related tosmart grids, self-healing systems and the elimination of economicallydamaging power blackouts. He will also speak about his efforts to workwith electricity experts, innovators and entrepreneurs.

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