The 15 Sickest Solar Concept Cars of 2010

nissan iv electric solar powered car_1_nav2u_69

While electric car manufacturers kept rolling out electric vehiclesthroughout the year, there was no dearth of analysts who believed thatthe electric car revolution would need the grids to deliver moreelectricity, which won’t always come from renewable sources of energy.Trying to solve the problems associated with electric cars, the year2010 saw some auto designers come up with concept vehicles that would be able to power themselves using solar generated electricity. Here wehave compiled a list of 15 of the most interesting concept vehicles that will be able to power themselves in a sustainable way.

• YEE Concept Car

solar powered flying carYEE is an ingenious vehicle that is capable of transforming into a flyingmachine instantly. Simply by upturning the front wheels sideways andrear wheels to the outside back, this interesting concept vehicle wouldtake you away from a hectic traffic jam. The concept car has beenenvisioned to be powered by solar panels spread over its roof.

• Opel Flow concept car

opel flow solar powered concept car

The Opel Flow concept car was designed by Miika Heikkinen to represent Opel in the year 2049. The single-seat zero-emission vehicle allows people to navigate through the city in a relaxed and clean way. The vehicle is intended to be madeusing lightweight materials and includes clear solar panels as the mainpower source, which fuels the onboard batteries. In addition togenerating solar power for recharging the batteries, the vehicle’schassis also collects energy from the body’s movement.

• Touch Down Concept

solar powered touch down concept car

The Touch Down Concept is the brainchild of designer Guo Ke, and was awarded the Silver Awardof Best Harmonious Beauty at the First “Science & Future”International Concept Car Design Contest. The completely zero emissionscar runs on batteries charged by solar or wind power plants. TouchDown’s rear is equipped with a battery tank which contains a total ofsix high-capacity batteries that can be removed and rechargedindependently.

• Nissan iV

nissan iv concept electric car

Designed by a team of Mazda designer, the Nissan iV will weigh less than 1000lbs and can seat up to four passengers. Aimedto be driven in the year 2035, the super-lightweight concept car will be made from an innovative photovoltaic material that will be 99 percentlighter than glass. The canopy has been designed to harvest solarenergy, while providing open-air views to the occupants. The solargenerators power a set of bio-batteries that will provide the vehicle arange of about 1200 miles.

• Volkswagen solar-powered supercar

volkswagen solar powered concept supercar by peter wilkins

Auto designer Peter Wilkins came up with a concept supercar for Volkswagen that features a zero-emission hydrogen fuel cell powered engine thatcan also run on solar energy. The upper external surface of the carfeatures integrated photovoltaic cells. The cells produce renewablesolar energy and provide power to the car’s four in-wheel motors. Sincethe concept is a luxury supercar, it will only be built in limitednumber of about 200 units.

• Fluxion Transport

fluxion transport

The Fluxion Transport by designer Slave Popovski has been conceptualized for use in the year2100, when a new breed of vehicles will be needed. Powered by magneticflux ion engines that are included in each of the four wheels generateabout 200KW of power, which can propel the vehicle to a top speed of500kph. The vehicle sits four passengers in utmost luxury. Power to thevehicle’s propulsion system is provided by the onboard solar skin array.

• AXA Solar Powered Concept Car

axa concept electric solar powered car by marian

The AXA is the brainchild of auto designer Marian and has been designed forbusy urbanities of the future. The elegantly designed vehicle features a rooftop array of photovoltaic panels that provide power for thevehicle’s onboard batteries.

• O2 Concept Car

o2 concept car hybrid concept car

Conceptualized by Argentine designer Leonardo Achilli, the O2 is a concept car that relies on solar energy and atmospheric carbondioxide for propulsion. The roof of the concept car is laden withphotovoltaic panels that generate electricity on the move. The conceptvehicle will generate hydrocarbons – its energy source – and will oozeoxygen into the environment.

• Indoor Solar Car

indoor solar car

The Indoor Solar Car by designer Ehab Omaro is a zero-emission vehicle designed to offer aconvenient way to travel short distances in particular areas and lanesof a city. The car features an energy-efficient engine that runs thoughelectric energy accumulated from direct charging points and by solarcells.

• Car of Light

the car of light electric concept car by jong won lee

The Car of Light by designer Jong Won Lee integrates roof-mounted solar panels and a sun roof that allow the roof to generate renewable electricity and alsoilluminate the interiors with natural light. The zero-emission conceptis powered by electric motors and the entire design is informed by thesun.

• Mo-Du-Lo Concept

electric mo du lo concept

The “Mo-Du-Lo” concept car by designer Thierry Dumaine is a modular car that can beoperated in three different versions to suit individual requirements.The vehicle is powered by electric batteries, which are juiced up byenergy generated by roof-mounted solar panels. This version is suitedfor long distance travels as the electric motors, solar panels andbatteries are pooled to achieve more range.

• Solar Coco Concept EV

solar coco_1_t9lzx_69

Designers Jin Yuanbiao, Gang Tang and Su Sha teamed up to create afuturistic vehicle that gets powered by renewable solar energy. Dubbed Solar Coco, the zero-emission concept electric vehicle features a compact,round-shaped surface that includes an array of solar panels. The onboard photovoltaic panels not only power the car on the move, but also helpin recharging onboard batteries when the vehicle is parked.

• SAIC-GM YeZ Concept Car

saic gm yez

Designed by the joint venture of SAIC and GM, the YeZ concept vehicle has been developed for the year 2030 and will relyentirely on energy generated from natural resources. The YeZ carfeatures solar panels on its roof and small wind turbines that arelocated in the wheels. The vehicle also includes an innovative systemthat captures carbon dioxide from atmosphere and releases fresh oxygen.

• HXO Solar-powered Concept Car

hxo concept car

The HXO is the brainchild of designer Wang Yanchao and Zhang Zhizhen and is afuturistic vehicle with no operating costs. The super-efficient vehicleharvests solar energy on the move and utilizes it to split water intohydrogen and oxygen. Hydrogen generated by the onboard system is used to power the vehicle, promising a truly green ride.

• Green Cab

green cab_4_3fpmj_69

Conceptualized by designer Hazman Malik, the Green Cab concept electric vehicle aims to reduce pollution levels on busystreets. The vehicle hasn’t been designed to provide a luxurious ride,but meets the demands of a simple tourist vehicle. The electricbatteries onboard the vehicle can be recharged by an array of solarpanels and kinetic energy generators which harvest energy from thewheels.



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