The 10 Coolest Solar Speakers

Speakers have the power to enliven the whole place with soul-wrenching tunes and force audiophiles to slip into a state of pure bliss. But, have you ever felt guilty while using electricity sucking speakers just to entertain yourself? People are getting all the more conscious about the ever-deteriorating environment and consumption of precious resources. This has motivated designers to craft music-whiffing instruments that harness energy of the sun. Below is a list of solar powered speakers that vow to bring green music to the ears of eco-freaks.

1) Carrot Solar Speaker:

This portable speaker looks way too cute. Carry it while traveling and enjoy good quality music on the go. Couple it with your MP3 or PMP and dive into the world of your favorite tracks. The façade is quite impressive and has been crafted from ABS plastic and comes embedded with aluminum speakers. Solar panels have been beautifully concealed inside the body and spread out when it has to be charged. Its sleek designing and color options make the solar speaker an instant hit amongst the stylish population.

2) Disko SU 1:

Disko SU 1 speaker has been given plain looks. The fully self-powered speaker will make outdoor gatherings all the more fun. The top has been wedged with a solar panel that traps energy from the sun. The sustainable option whiffs out crystal clear sounds and can be used with a variety of gadgets including laptops and smartphones. It creates a disco type feel because of the presence of three LED lights.

3) Solar Sound:

Solar sound is Japan’s first solar powered speakers and comes fitted with solar panels at the top. The 290 gm speakers harness energy from the sun with the help of lithium-ion batteries. It will keep entertaining users for a good five to eight hours once fully charged. Connect your iPods, MP3 players and other portable devices through a stereo mini input. It’s 2W x 2ch audio output will leave listeners in a state of awe.

4) Gramo solar-powered speakers:

If you are a party animal who cares for the environment, then Gramo solar-powered speakers will leave you impressed. These eye-catching speakers have been fitted with three layers of photovoltaic panels, which will trap enough energy to keep you drenched with the musical aura. The speaker has soft touch controls for easy volume adjustment. It takes a flat form when folded and hence it ranks easy on the storage graph. So, fit it with your preferred gadget and set the party mood the green way.

5) Outdoor Solar Wireless speakers:

Outdoor Solar Wireless speakers help you save precious resources and exploit solar power for a better living. The eco-friendly speakers will leave environment lovers drooling all over the creation. You can easily connect your MP3 player, iPod, CD player, TV or stereo and drown in the charm of all-weather 900MHz speakers. The solar panels are in-built and ensure clean and green tunes.

6) Sunflower Outdoor speaker concept:

Give your parties a touch of eco-friendliness with the Sunflower Outdoor Speaker concept. The green creation has been designed by Ignacio Pilotto and comes fitted with solar cells. These cells charge the lithium battery present in the design. The concept gets energy from UV rays with the help of a solar cell center when placed in the direction of sun rays. A user can easily position it at a desired angle by rotating and enjoy great music. LED lights have been used to display the energy/battery status.

7) Hexound solar powered speakers:

Hexasound solar powered speakers double as headphones. The dual usage product has been designed by Zhong-Fa Lie and exploits renewable solar energy for its functioning. The wireless creation has been embedded with photovoltaic cells that are present in its band. Swap it from the headphone to speaker mode by flipping a switch present.

8) Solar powered wireless amplified speakers:

Solar powered wireless amplified speakers have been specially designed by iGadget for the music loving generation. It has seven rechargeable AA batteries that make listening to music nothing less than a treat. The top of this all-weather gadget has been embedded with solar panels that trap enough energy from the sun. The speakers can be attuned with a laptop, TV, DVD/MP3/CD player, and all kinds of audio outputs. With a 900 MHz frequency, the Solar powered wireless speakers are accompanied with a remote control, connector cable, transmitter, power supply, a receiver and seven rechargeable AA batteries.

9) Solar Sound System:

The curvy creation by designers Paolo Metaldi and Luca Elli are quite elegant. The upper part of the design features photovoltaic panels, while the lower portion embraces the speaker. The handy system can be used both indoors and outdoors. It will sprinkle a magical aura with ergonomic handles and an assortment of plastic covers.

10) SunnySong:

The flower-shaped speaker system is solar-powered and whiffs green music. The speaker further makes good use of Bluetooth technology and will feature A2DP/AVRCP Bluetooth. SunnySong has been designed to make hearts melt the environmentally-friendly way.

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