new suncatcher 4hJPq 69 Tessera Submits Second Proposal for Colorado Solar Plant

After having its initial proposal for a 200-megawatt (MW) solarfacility in Colorado’s San Luis Valley rebuffed on account of noiseconcerns from neighbors, Houston-based Tessera Solar is trying again.This time, the utility scale solar developer is proposing a 145-MW plant in the same Saguache County region.

The plant would take up over 1,500 acres in the San Luis Valley anduse 5,800 sun-capturing dishes to generate power. Power from the plantwould likely be sold to one or more local utility companies throughlong-term power purchasing agreements (PPA’s), but Tessera is far fromthat step. Saguache County Commissioners will hold a public hearing todebate Tessera’s newest application before voting on whether or not toapprove it later this year.

There are several factors working in Tessera’s favor. The new plantwould create approximately 40 new clean energy jobs and bring in anadditional $1.5 million in tax revenue each year.

Tessera made headlines earlier this week when the U.S. Department ofInterior announced the approval of the company’s new solar energy plantin California’s Imperial Valley –  one of the first two solar plants inthe nation to be built on public land.

Tessera Submits Second Proposal for Colorado Solar Plant