TESLA Radiator / Gadget Charger

tesla charger 1 RcIiJ 69 TESLA Radiator / Gadget Charger

Here we always look out for unique conceptions that areenvironmentally friendly as well as efficient in terms of energyconsumption. Now TESLA is one such conception with a clear andconvenient difference. As with all radiators, it imparts heat to asurrounding, thus fulfilling its primary role as an interior climatecontrolling device. However, on the other hand, TESLA can also act as acharger for small mobile devices, such as mobile phones, music players,tablets, etc.

tesla charger 2 lJ2bS 69 TESLA Radiator / Gadget Charger

Ingeniously conceived by industrial designer Vincent Gobin, thiscontraption makes use of a portion of the heat it produces andtransforms it into electricity through integrated thermo-electricbatteries. The resultant clean electricity can then be transmitted tosurrounding appliances by an advanced system of electromagneticinduction. So, at the end of the day, we have an adroitly conceiveddevice which dually plays its part in the heating and cooling system, as well as in clean and ‘green’ energy generation.

tesla charger 3 BOIcF 69 TESLA Radiator / Gadget Charger

Source: Behance