Tegolasolare Embeds Solar Panels in Roof Tiles

tegolasolare solar tile_1

Recent advancements in photovoltaic technology have been encouraging for manufacturers who are finding possible ways to encourage homeowners to deck out their roofs with solar panels. Tegolasolare thinks that embedding solar panels in traditional looking rooftiles might just solve the purpose. The Italian company has developedred clay tiles that look like traditional terracotta tiles, but herethey are incorporated with solar panels.

tegolasolare solar tile_2

The panels are neatly concealed within the tiles, which offer a wayto combine tradition and modernity. A solar power panel composed of four modules is installed on the roofing tile with ceramic body mix. Thepanels are then interconnected to create a real photovoltaic field,which may cover the whole roof and can be as large as required. Thecompany believes that a roof of 40sqm lined with these tiles will beable to produce about 3KW of power.

tegolasolare solar tile_4

Via: Gizmodo/SolarLighting



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