Tech Park to Host Solar Installation

The Tucson Electric Power Company (TEP) has found a location for itslatest solar power installation. By December 2010, when construction isexpected to conclude, the University of Arizona’s TechPark will playhost to a 1.6-megawatt (MW) solar energy system dually built by SOLONCorporation and TEP.

There are two unique aspects to SOLON’s role in this project. One isthat SOLON has built its own manufacturing facility in Tucson and thepanels used in the installation will be built locally. Over the lastdecade, domestic manufacturing of renewable energy products has beendeclining, so local manufacturing is always a good sign.

The second is that SOLON offers their Velocity MW Solar System, which comes with preconfigured, one-megawatt solar modules that are used when utilities want to quickly scale to capacity, according to Trading Markets. The modules allow solar project installation to be expedited because,since they are preconfigured, it’s easier to get through sitedevelopment and plant permitting. Those steps can delay plantconstruction for months or years.

The new plant will feature a single-axis tracking system also builtby SOLON. Since the modules come ready in premade clusters, the cost and time of field installed labor will be significantly cut.

University of Arizona’s Tech Park to Host Solar Installation