Tartaruga- A solar powered yacht concept

Tartaruga_solar_yacht.jpgAfter cars, buses and airplanes, yachts are the latest to get a solarpowered design. The 30 feet Tartaruga solar powered concept yachtdesign can comfortably accommodate 4 people. Its 40 square meter areaof photovoltaic panels supported by high-efficient batteries and thissolar-catamaran can achieve a speed of 7 knots, similar to a normalsailing boat. The boat also accommodates a double bed and two-singlebeds in two separate areas, a fully equipped kitchen, a largemulti-storage area and a bathroom with a shower. Its multifunctionalinterior can be transformed from a common dining table to adriving-seating position and a double bed for resting. Tartaruga_solar_yacht2.jpgTartaruga_solar_yacht3.jpg




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