Tanita’s New Solar Weighing Scale

Tanita weighing scale Tanitas New Solar Weighing Scale

Over consumption of energy leads to disastrous results, and that is notonly true for the planet!

With most people opting for the most clichédNew Year resolution of slimming down, this year you can add a littlegreen twist. Tanita solar technology has come out with the new TanitaHS-302 Solar Digital Scale which combines Japanese electronics with itssecond generation solar technology to give you a unique weighing scalethat uses direct sunlight or indoor lighting for power, so that thepower does not get over, no matter how heavy an object you are weighingon the scale.

The scale itself has been made by a new kind of ABSplastic using biodegradable resins, which is called as Terramac.Terramac reduced the overall carbon emissions 20%, which means, youleave a lot lesser carbon foot-print in comparison to when you use aregular battery-operated scale. And it’s available at a neat $60, which means that much money less in your pocket to splurge on junk food!