Tampa Florida Community Focuses on Energy Efficiency

Anaffordable townhome community planned for Tampa is expected to be oneof the first in the nation to achieve a top-tier rating for energyefficiency, reducing usage by more than 45 percent.
The 57-homeWestshore Landings One, expected to be complete in 2010, is a jointeffort between TECO Energy’s Tampa Electric and Peoples Gas incooperation with the Westshore Community Development Corp., said arelease from TECO.

The nonprofit Westshore CommunityDevelopment in its release called the development an affordablecommunity and said the new townhome prices will range from $96,000 to$127,000. The Wilson Co. is Westshore Community Development’s jointventure partner, and financing was secured from USAmeriBank along withthe city of Tampa, Hillsborough County and Florida Housing Finance Corp.

WCDC worked with SunTrust and Fannie Mae to ensure mortgages are available, Ron Rotella, president of WCDC, said in the release.

Peran agreement with the county, 43 of the units will be sold to buyersmaking less than 80 percent of area median income ($33,150 for a singleperson; $47,350 for a family of four). The remaining units will go tobuyers making up to 120 percent of area median income ($49,680 for asingle person; $71,040 for a family of four).

WestshoreLandings One will be built on Spruce Street between Dale Mabry Highwayand Lois Avenue. Palm Harbor Homes, a national builder of modularsystems-built homes, will construct the homes at its facility in PlantCity and deliver them to the site, the WDCA release said.
Theproject marks the first time energy-efficient electric and natural gasmeasures have been combined in this type of residential capacity, saidthe TECO release.

Each Westshore Landings Onetownhome will feature a solar water heater, energy-efficient naturalgas appliances, a high-efficiency heating, ventilation and airconditioning system, and other energy-efficiency measures.

TheFlorida Solar Energy Center will monitor the amount of solar energyproduced by each townhome’s solar water heater. Annual energy costs fora 1,500 square-foot home configured with the high-efficiency equipmentare estimated to be about $663, versus about $991 for a home withless-efficient equipment.

Energy conservation alsohelps the environment since each 1,500-square-foot townhome producedabout 39 percent less carbon dioxide than a less-efficient home. Astandard home’s carbon profile can be reduced by up to 4,000 pounds peryear through the installation of natural gas furnaces, clothes dryers,ranges and water heaters.

“The energy usage profileof Westshore Landings One underscores the commitment of Tampa Electricand Peoples Gas to energy efficiency and sustainability for ourcustomers,” TECO Energy President and Chief Operating Officer JohnRamil said in the release.

Tampa Electric firstoffered its customers energy-efficiency programs in the late 1970s,prior to any state or federal legislation requiring electric utilitiesto engage in conservation activities. Since then, it has achieved arecent performance level in the 96th percentile nationally.

TECOEnergy (NYSE: TE) is an energy-related holding company. Its principalsubsidiary Tampa Electric Co. is a regulated utility in Florida withboth electric and gas divisions, Tampa Electric and Peoples Gas System.Other subsidiaries include TECO Coal, which owns and operates coalproduction facilities in Kentucky and Virginia, and TECO Guatemala,which is engaged in electric power generation and distribution andenergy-related businesses in Guatemala.



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